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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dwarfing Jon Stewart

It's hard to get to sleep being haunted by visions of the hugeness of Michael Moore on the Daily Show a few hours ago. Did he eat Al Gore?


Ron Chusid said...

Michael Moore is certainly a bundle (ok, big bundle) of contradictions.

He criticizes the costs of health care, but his own life style contributes to this. A study last year in the Journal of the American Medicdal Association showed that, even correcting for socio economic status, Americans are less healthy than Europeans. It seems a safe assumption that Moore's weight is an example, which applies to other Americans, of why this is so, increasing the cost of health care,

Moore also does a good job of showing the faults in our health care system, but also white washes the problems elsewhere.

My review of Sicko is at:

Lynne said...

Does someone have to be perfect in order to point out an ill in society?

LJansen said...

Did you eat Stephen Colbert?