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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Organized Disbelief

The bad news for devout individualists is that even the forces of Atheism are getting organized.

Today’s Washington Post has two reports on the trend: “In America, Nonbelievers Find Strength in Numbers” and “In Europe and U.S., Nonbelievers Are Increasingly Vocal.”

Understandably, jihadists and George W. Bush have alarmed multitudes with the consequences of religious fervor, but “a legion of the godless rising up against the forces of religiosity in American society,” as the Post puts it, may not be much comfort to those who believe literally in the First Amendment.

With Christopher Hitchens’ best-selling screed and Bill Maher’s rants against the Ten Commandments, it’s getting harder to hold onto some public space against irrationality of all kinds.

Atheists of the world, unite? And do what?


Joe said...

Unite and get the human race to start behaving in a sane and rational manner.

Dr. Stimplove said...
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Dr. Stimplove said...

Precisely, Joe.
Mr. Stein: you might wanna *read* Christopher Hitchens's "screed." I think he makes a very convincing argument that religion is creating far more harm than good.