Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kiss for Condi

The Secretary of State must be thinking about Life After Bush. In Sweden for an international conference on Iraq this week, Condoleeza Rice accepted an invitation to attend a rock concert by Kiss and pose for pictures with Gene Simmons and the guys.

The prospect of going back to teach at Stanford and write her memoirs may seem a little tame after all the years of globe-hopping and, despite the rumors, there is little chance Rice will end up as John McCain's running mate. Granted that she is a demographic twofer, the Republican candidate will have enough trouble answering charges about Bush's third term without her presence on the ticket.

But running for the Senate against one of California's two women there may be something else again. Barbara Boxer is up for reelection two years from now and Dianne Feinstein in 2012.

By then, Rice's White House albatross may have withered, leaving her name recognition and foreign policy experience as assets.

After attending only the fourth rock concert in her life--she saw Smokey Robinson, Earth Wind and Fire and U2--if the classical music-loving Secretary starts being sighted at other pop culture events, it will confirm that something is up.

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