Sunday, August 31, 2008

McCain's Answered Prayers

The candidate's faith in a Higher Power must be stronger today with news that Hurricane Gustav will keep George W. Bush from raining on his parade in the Twin Cities this week.

Three years late, the President will be heading to Texas to cope with possible devastation by Nature, thereby sparing the Republican Convention reminders of his failures during Katrina as well as seven years of wrong-headed war and economic storms.

For a conclave with nothing to celebrate, the hurricane emergency will allow Republicans to take the solemn, prayerful tone that suits them best instead of concentrating on made-made political problems that can be solved by policy decisions and good judgment in the White House.

President Bush relied on the guidance of a "Higher Father" in deciding to invade Iraq. For such believers as John McCain and Sarah Palin, it may be a blessing that divine guidance is taking him South this week instead of Minnesota.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

George's "Higher Father" must have been Dick Cheney.

During Katrina, by the way, McCain was sharing birthday cake with his mentor, George Bush.

And don't knock Palin's experience. Half a termas governor must be good enough for a republican in the VP slot. George Bush only served one term as governor before becoming president and look where that got us.