Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Hillary Holdback

Just as Bill Clinton can't seem to stop praising John McCain and start stumping for Barack Obama with only a month left in the campaign, Hillary's heavy-hitting fundraisers are holding back, too.

Of the 300 “Hillraisers,” those who bundled together $100,000 or more in campaign contributions for her, fewer than a third have given to Obama, according to the most recent campaign finance filings.

Who are these people and what can they be thinking?

With the economy collapsing around them, are they so invulnerably rich that they can risk four more years of Bush domestic policies under McCain?

Are they so ideologically impoverished that ending the war in Iraq and turning our attention to combating terrorism doesn't matter as much as their spiteful disappointment at not having backed a winner?

Underneath all their talk about belief in the Democratic Party and what it stands for, is there anything but vanity? When, if not now, are they going to put their money where their mouths are?

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A said...

Well in my opinion as a Hillary supporter who now supports Obama. I feel that most Obama supporters and the Obama campaign in general are horrible at working with people who aren't 100 percent excited or behind Obama. They never approach people on the fence who have doubts and actually talk to them.

I went through this myself and still see this happening. The Obama supporters just feel that any dem or liberal should just fall behind Obama, no questions asked. When I don't know if they understand that there are options out there as crazy as that might seem to an Obama supporter, people tend to like to be talked to, they want to feel like they have a voice and people are listening to what they have to say or feel. I know this is way to touchy feel for most Obama supporters. Obama supporters tend to just get really pissed and angry at any dem that isnt 100 percent behind Obama.

Instead of trying to understand those that might have doubts usually, they are made fun of or told they are crazy. They say things like "do you really want 4 more years of bush"

But saying something like that doesn't address the problem it mostly just pisses off those people with doubts.

Anyways, I personally don't like Obama, I live in Seattle. It is Obama country, here my friends absolutely hate Hillary and the Bill. They mock them all the time, they are mean to those that arent behind Obama 100 percent. It is pretty much hell. If I could not vote for Obama I would, not because I don't like the guy, but because of his crazy supporters but alas I am more afraid about McCain so it's almost a lose lose situation. I will vote for Obama because I can't have another 4 years of any republican let alone crazy Palin, but I don't think the relations between Obama supporters and Hillary supporters will change. Maybe once Obama wins and Obama starts fixing things, I could see us coming around.