Sunday, January 04, 2009

"American Idol" Finals for the Senate

The Washington talent show heads for a climax this week with the leading contenders a stand-up comic from Minnesota, a woman from New York doing an Eleanor Roosevelt impersonation and an Illinois ventriloquist act. Is this any way to run a country?

Al Franken, Caroline Kennedy and Roland Burris could very well turn out to be fine US senators but, in the shenanigans surrounding their possible entry, will any or all of them be up to speed for casting votes on the huge, intricate and critical stimulus bill for the economy and the other legislation to follow?

As the media and bloggers feast on all the details of the contests, it's unnerving to think about the people who may be helping to decide America's economic future coming into the debate after weeks of being immersed in a vote recount, a Sarah Palinish campaign to project political gravitas and the maneuvering by a governor facing impeachment and/or indictment.

By month's end, all three may be seated in the Senate and ready to go to work with the best of intentions, but it's hard not to think that even "American Idol" puts its aspirants through a more rigorous process of prepping for their performance.

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