Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Daschle's Downfall

His withdrawal in disgrace is not only a personal tragedy for Tom Daschle but a reminder of how deeply ingrained the culture of corruption is in Washington.

Compared to others who have slithered out of the Senate to profit without penalty, Daschle is a relative neophyte at the game. If not motivated to get back into public service, he could have continued to rake in millions without drawing attention to himself.

His downfall recalls a colleague of mine who, after years of marital fidelity, become involved in an adulterous affair and was puzzled by the intensity of pain that followed its disclosure. He failed to understand that those who cheat as a matter of course do a much better job of not getting caught.

Someone else will have to take over leadership of Obama's campaign for health care reform, but Daschle's departure is a saddening loss.

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