Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Heading for Economic 9/11 on 8/2

Tea Party terrorists elected last fall promised to change Washington, and they have—-turning it from a flawed vehicle that moves the nation’s business along, however bumpily, to a cockpit of fighting over a fabricated issue that is steering a shaky economy toward a smashup.

The sorry spectacle has roused the largest American corporations to sound alarms and rating agencies to issue warnings about plummeting credit ratings for U.S. debt

But GOP leaders, sitting up front, refuse to look ahead or even buckle their seat belts. John Boehner tells Fox News that “no one really knows what would happen” after August 2nd if no deal is reached but admits that a failure to do so could “spook the market, and you could have a real catastrophe.”

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell is staring at the emergency exits and talking in tongues about a plan to let the President retake the controls for a time, while Republicans stand over him with box cutters.

In India, terrorists have set off real bombs in the financial district of Mumbai. Over here, you can blow up Wall Street by remote control from the Capitol building in Washington.

Update: The President reaches the end of his patience by walking out after Eric Cantor, the delusionary Tea Party champion, tells him, “We are very far apart right now. I don’t know if we can get there.”

Somebody should take away Cantor’s rubber gun and mask.

Or maybe not. “Eric Cantor Is the Democrats’ New Boogeyman,” reports the Caucus, potentially a very valuable symbol for the 2012 election cycle.

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