Friday, October 28, 2011

Obama 43, Congress 9

On Halloween weekend, Americans apparently are tired of all-tricks, no-treats on Capitol Hill, sending approval ratings down to the GOP’s favorite single digit while the President sees a slight gain in public favor.

Gallup attributes the Obama bump to Iraq troop withdrawal, a rising stock market and that golden oldie, the death of a Mideast tyrant, reflecting Gadhafi’s demise as it did that of Osama bin Laden.

Congress’ near-death experience requires little explanation as lawmakers stumble toward a Thanksgiving deadline for debt reduction looking like the one-trick turkeys they have been all year since Tea Party freshman took over the House, gabbling no to everything but spending cuts.

It’s been so long since even a slight spurt of good news that we may have trouble digesting it all, like too much Halloween candy—-a Brussels bailout for European economies and a good third quarter for own—-and even some relief from Republican 2012 presidential puffery as Rick Perry decides to skip some future debates and let all the money he has raised do the talking for him.

Meanwhile, as an extra bonus to all this good cheer, the Occupy Wall Street movement keeps going and puzzling the pundits as a new survey shows they don't approve of anyone in Washington.

With all these signs that there may be an American future after all, let’s give the kids some healthful fruit and nuts along with the sweets Monday night.

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