Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seven Weeks to Save the Country

Beyond Mitt Romney’s slo-mo decline is the crucial contest for America’s soul, a down-ticket struggle to loosen the grip of a feckless Congress that has held the country hostage during Barack Obama’s first term and would again if a treasonous Tea Party grip is not loosened in November.

The picture is not promising. Late projections show Democrats gaining only eight of the 49 seats needed to overcome the edge of John Boehner’s intractable troops.

The Senate prospect is worse, with the darkest scenario showing Republicans poised to take control by as much a margin as 51 to 47.

And yet... In this weird year, many contests are close and still changeable, leaving seven weeks for those who care enough to try to save the country by putting their time and money where their mouths are.

From Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia and Florida to Wisconsin, Missouri and Montana, there are Senate seats that could go either way

Both sides of the political chasm talk about grass-roots democracy, but the true issue is whether enough citizen clout can offset SuperPAC money and change the electoral landscape.

In our time, politics has become a spectator sport. If enough of us can’t rouse ourselves to get into the biggest game of all, there won’t be anyone else to blame for the final score.

Update: For those who have not given up, two new Wisconsin polls offer hope. Since the conventions, the Democratic Senate challenger has seen a 20-point swing to overtake a former Republican governor.

Something is in the air.

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