Saturday, October 21, 2006

Is Lou Dobbs Running for Something?

When a ubiquitous Big Name comes out with a book defending The Middle Class (today, anyone with TV), starts speechifying against “politicians” and shows up to trade mots with Jon Stewart and Bill Maher, the Memory Bank pops out Ross Perot.

Terrific, but one teeny problem: Lou Dobbs is a prime-time news anchor for CNN. Holy Cronkite! While The New York Times crucifies reporter Linda Greenhouse for a few off-the-cuff comments, Dobbs is opinionating everywhere about everything, without a peep from CNN.

If Dobbs is really planning to run for whatever, he’ll have to defend himself as a flip-flopper. A long-time Republican, defender of Big Business, business-news entrepreneur himself, he is now a born-again populist, with just trace of anti-immigration racism, but some may remember when he left CNN in 2000 in a huff after the network president wanted to cut away to live coverage of President Bill Clinton consoling parents at Columbine, which Dobbs argued was not newsworthy.

Myself, I prefer looking at Katie Couric on her surprisingly innovative new CBS gig to wincing at Dobbs’ smirks while he delivers the evening news.

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stephew said...

What should we expect of our commentators; on the one hand I want more than a mouthpiece- someone who merely verbalizes the copy the politicians PR guys write regarding the latest political statement/action/denial. On the otherhand, our journalists shouldn't be the Bill O'Reillys of the world. Well OK few confuse Bill with journalism. David Letterman sure doesnt. But you get my drift. ANd John Stewart may not be running for anything, but maybe he should...