Thursday, November 08, 2007

Haters for Hillary

Barack Obama is the devil. If you doubt it, there is a highly professional web site updated daily to provide chapter, verse and venom on the subject.

The spewings of "Hillary Is 44" (44th President, that is) make Bill Clinton's remarks about other Democrats ganging up to vilify his wife look a tad hypocritical. The deceptively mild-looking blog with a pink background makes Rove's raiders look like pussycats.

A few recent samples:

"After all the many lies and denials concerning internal struggles with chaos, confusion, and complaints, Obama is not to be believed."

"Like a common street hustler ripping off tourists in a streetside shell game, Obama skips from issue to issue."

"Barack Cheney Obama, fresh from his Slime Hillary Clinton gig on the Tonight Show, today proudly continues his Slime Hillary Clinton tour."

"Obama is convicted, using his own standards of behavior and leadership, of being unfit to be president."

"This is typical Obama behavior. When Obama does something dirty he tries to disguise the dirt with flowery language."

The latest: "Obama made sure (Stephen) Colbert would not get on the (South Carolina) ballot. Obama, of course, denied he had anything to do with the Colbert Chicago style drive-by shooting."

Recent headings include: "The Obama Delusion," "Obama the Clown," "Obama's Iran Lie(s)" and "Obama's Macaca Weekend."

The Clinton campaign has been reaching out to voters online in a big away, not only cultivating Matt Drudge but hosting a Drudgelike site of their own, HillaryHub. "Hillary Is 44" claims to have no affiliation with the campaign but is raising money by selling Hillary t-shirts and buttons.

Identity of the operators is a Washington mystery, but it is professionally put together by more than one person, and the tone, Peggy Noonan has written, is "very Tokyo Rose."

Complaints about ganging up on Clinton should be accompanied by a clarification about the activities of her own attack dogs. Their barking may not have much bite, but they undermine her claims of being victimized.

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Mike said...

The nonsense out of that last Democratic debate - all that stuff about the other candidates ganging up on her - was risible right from the start, IMHO.

Anyone else recall how her campaign used a difference in nuance from an earlier debate - on the question of whether the president should negotiate with the leaders of Iran and North Korea - and blew it up to attack Obama as naive and too inexperienced for the job of POTUS?