Monday, February 25, 2008

No More Oscars for Jon Stewart

Two years ago, it might have just been the unease of doing something new before hundreds of millions of people, but last night made it clear: Jon Stewart shouldn't be hosting the Academy Awards.

With his exquisite sense of the absurd, Stewart can't break through the defenses of an audience that takes its own absurdity solemnly, and he is much too polite to provoke them outrageously. So he is reduced to making lame, outdated jokes about Dennis Hopper's drug haze and MCing a la Larry King--a little like watching a thoroughbred pulling a rusty plow.

Send back the clowns with their one-liners and let Stewart concentrate on saving our sanity on the Daily Show.

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GiromiDe said...

Not to mention the fact that Stewart likely finds the self-attentive, self-important nature of the event extremely ridiculous.