Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The House Is Not a Home for GOP

Congress keeps turning Bluer with the Mississippi victory yesterday of Democrat Travis Childers despite Dick Cheney's stumping for his opponent and the imminent departure of a five-term New York member after starring in a 21st century remake of an Alec Guinness movie, "The Captain's Paradise," about the master of a ship who shuttles between wives in two separate locales.

After a complicated Mother's Day weekend, Rep. Vito Fossella was back in Washington yesterday, but his future was clouded by a DIU arrest after running a red light in Alexandria, Va., which disclosed that he had a second family there.

But it is the Bush presidency rather than scandal that is decimating the party. According to The Hill, "The third straight House special election loss in three conservative districts this year is a clear indication that the GOP brand is turning off voters and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) is in disarray."

In an effort to market themselves better, House Republicans have come up with a new catch phrase, "Change You Deserve," but some spoilsports are pointing out the slogan was borrowed from an ad campaign for an antidepressant.

The way things are going, that may turn out to be prophetic.

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