Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Privacy for the Palin Family

Years from now, at show-and-tell in school, Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston will be able to bring in pictures of his grandmothers from the year he was born, one of them running for vice-president of the US and the other being busted for dealing dope.

Even in wide-open Wasila, Alaska, that could be unusual for the baby born this weekend to Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol, a 7 pound, 4 ounce boy whose father, Levi, took a bow at the Republican convention this fall.

But young Tripp's privacy will be protected from now on. The governor's office has said it would not release information because it considers the birth "a private family matter."

Meanwhile, Grandma Palin is busy governing Alaska, Grandma Johnston is facing felony drug charges for transactions involving OxyContin, a prescription painkiller, and the happy parents are planning to marry next year.

Keep moving along, folks, nothing unusual to see here.

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Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Robert,

I like your Scorer's Apprentice metaphor, but the one I've been touting is the Leper's scene from Jesus Christ Superstar.


Jeff Hess