Thursday, January 08, 2009

Inaugural Dress Code

What won't Change on the night of January 20th is the traditional fear of showing up at the ball wearing the same dress as someone else, but the Obama generation even has an answer for that.

A web site called Dress Registry allows Inaugural Ball goers to record what they plan to wear and avoid the embarrassment Laura Bush endured in 2006 at a Kennedy Center do when she showed up in a red Oscar de la Renta only to discover three other wearers of the identical creation. (Tactful as always, she retreated and came back in a black dress.)

The rolls are filling up fast with designer names, colors and descriptions (plunging, strapless, etc), along with photographs to help the "Yes We Can" generation avoid an "Oh no!" moment when they celebrate the beginning of a new era in Washington.

As any student of democracy can tell you, equal doesn't necessarily mean the same.

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