Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ron Paul's Pure Pork

Even Fox News thinks he's "having his cake and eating it too" by giving constituents more earmark money than any member of Congress, but Ron Paul insists it's all in the name of his libertarian beliefs.

It's "like a tax credit," he explains about the $73 million for his district. "And I vote for all tax credits, no matter how silly they might seem. If I can give you any of your money back, I vote for it. So, if I can give my district any money back, I encourage that.

"But, because the budget is out of control, I haven't voted for an appropriation in years--if ever."

Paul, who insists that John McCain is just "grandstanding" in his opposition to pork, was then asked "who proposes the bridge or the highway or the school? How does that even get in there?"

"I have no idea," says the Congressman who has deeply felt ideas about everything else. "But the most important thing is to have transparency."

Is that clear?

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Anonymous said...

That what a horrible interview and it was clear from the start that the Fox news monkey was trying his best to smear Ron Paul over nothing.

Go fish.