Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Presidential Sex on YouTube

Things could be worse. If the millions who wanted John Edwards as President in the past decade had had their way, the nation would now be involved in a scandal to make Bill Clinton look like Mr. Monogamy.

The prospect of an X-rated video starring a Commander-in-Chief surfaces in the current court battle over possession of tapes showing Edwards in carnal congress with Rielle Hunter, who bore his illegitimate child.

As legal maneuvering over possession goes on in North Carolina, if history is any guide, they will eventually end up on YouTube, alongside the "I Feel Pretty" video about Edwards' $400 haircuts.

What was he thinking? The candidate who made honesty his campaign hallmark was not only cheating on a cancer-stricken wife he exploited politically but letting his videographer lover record their acrobatics.

If he were in the White House today, President Edwards would be no doubt be telling us that, just like his vote for the Iraq war in 2002, the mistake of falling in love only proves he is fallible and asking forgiveness even as Congress researches whether being a moral moron is grounds for impeachment.

The not-in-office Edwards is now, according to his nemesis, the National Enquirer, in the process of divorce so he can move into a $3.5 million beach house with the mother of his two-year-old child, the improbable object of a would-be President's affections with her own history of notoriety as a horse-killer's promiscuous daughter.

If and when the tapes surface, Americans can be grateful for having escaped a 21st-century Warren Harding, rated the worst president in history, whose out-of-wedlock activities were not made public until after he left the White House, but there was no National Enquirer or YouTube then.

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