Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Death in the Family

The blogger who wrote under the name Jon Swift with a wit worthy of his namesake has died at the age of 46, leaving an ache in those of us who not only enjoyed his high style but benefited from his uncommon warmth and generosity.

In a world of so much me-me-me with links, the man whose real name was Al Weisel presided over Blog Amnesty Day to call attention to the work of those who were, as I was three-plus years ago, just getting started and had few readers beyond their friends and relatives.

His quasi-Conservative style, which has been compared to that of Stephen Colbert, often left me laughing out loud, so perhaps the most appropriate tribute is to direct attention to one of my favorite posts of his--about steroids and guns.

His gifts for both satire and friendship will be missed in a time when the supply of both is dwindling.

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