Friday, December 10, 2010

The Gore Presidency--Again

Four years and 2700 posts ago, this blog imagined that the 2000 election had turned out differently and offered a tongue-in-cheek critique of "President Gore, Lame Duck."

Now, on the tenth anniversary of the national disaster that gave us George W. Bush, New York Magazine enlists five fantasists, including Glenn Beck, who with the benefit of hindsight posit such lurid developments as the 9/11 destruction of the White House, Saddam Hussein dying of a heart attack, a disappointed W. drinking again, Bill Clinton, divorced by Hillary, marrying Carla Bruni and Mitt Romney, elected in 2008, solving "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" with separate gay brigades and gay squadrons.

Such developments are fascinating to contemplate, but I still prefer my vision of Al Gore bumbling through two relatively uneventful terms.

You can read it here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robert! Good post. I read your posts almost every day lately, coming here via TMV. You are a pleasure to read.

BTW, you may know this. "Ajlie" = genuine (in Hindi). So, every time I read your "ajliebling" I smile. You are the real bling, alright! Thanks.

I hope the taxcut for the rich does not go through today, nor the inheritance taxcut for the rich and the additional inheritance taxcut for >$5M. Got to commend Pres.Obama for his largesse to the rich, dont you think? Again, hope these give-aways do not go through. Where the heck are the save-our-country's debt Tea Partiers? Oh, yeah, they are the rich who will benefit, at the expense of the future of our country, and when they benefit, they have no problem, at all.