Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Washington Tweet Meet

The deficit impasse takes an ecclesiastical turn as GOP talking heads unveil yet another phrase to defend tax increases for what the President considers, although not nearly as pithily, to be the filthy rich.

The owners of private jets are “job creators,” according to Texas Sen. John Cornyn, a new sound bite to pair off with designation of Democratic efforts to raise taxes on billionaires as “job killers.” Sounds like a hell of a matchup!

As the President holds his first Twitter town meeting, he will be hard-pressed to match the Republican machine (pioneered by Frank Luntz) to churn out lies that can be sold as verities.

With the Obama penchant for serious, long-winded answers, the White House will be disadvantaged in the competition for reductive language that conceals rather than reveals.

Twitters away!

Update: Good news for brevity addicts--Joe Biden has a new Twitter account. Less good: His first two tweets are in the third person.

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