Monday, September 12, 2011

Doubling the 9/11 Dead

The weekend was spent mourning almost 3000 Americans who were killed on September 11, 2001.

In the aftermath of that day, more than 6200 have died in Iraq and Afghanistan with the toll still rising.

The 9/11 dead were victims of a vicious attack on American civilization. Those since then were put in harm’s way by the conscious decision of our political and military leaders.

During all the speeches and commemorations here, 77 U.S. troops were wounded yesterday by a truck bomb in Afghanistan. Every week, more die there without a ripple in the news that reaches us as the Taliban celebrates our 9/11 by crowing that they have “endless stamina for a long war.”

In American politics, only an odd little man named Ron Paul raises his voice to complain about our being there.

Tonight, a Tea Party TV debate of Republican presidential wannabes will be denouncing Barack Obama for not fattening American wallets by stripping down government intervention in the economy.

Besides Paul, will any have a hard word to say about the trillions being spent intervening in the Middle East, to say nothing of the lives of our young men and women?

In our ongoing slow-motion 9/11s, Tea Party patriots have little to say about the damage government is doing.

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