Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Cain's Assembly Line Lechery

From evidence so far, the Pizza Man’s skirt-chasing seems as random as his economic studies, making casual passes at objectives but cheerfully taking nein-nein-nein as a final answer and moving on to keep selling.

After yesterday’s lurid testimony by Woman #4, which led the PBS NewsHour, #5 comes as a letdown, with Cain, after a speech in Egypt, asking to be set up with a woman in the audience, then trying to settle for a USAID worker and finally dining with a group, stiffing them (and ultimately taxpayers) for two $400 bottles of wine.

Such assembly-line lechery recalls Bill Clinton, of course, but not to make light of any sexual harassment, without passion or panache, but more of a reflexive response.

In his press conference today, Cain says he can't remember his Monday accuser. If the emerging pattern is accurate, he may be telling the truth about that.

With a trickle of women who said no, the question is how many, under persistent pressure to get or keep their jobs, said yes and would now be too ashamed to come forward?

If all this takes him down, the irony would be that Herman Cain’s sexual disrespect for women would have to serve as a metaphor for the intellectual emptiness that has brought him this far but never should have.

What is coming to light about his approach to women is no different from what he has been doing to voters in plain view for months now. When he drops out, they will no longer have a choice between Cain and the other Disabled GOP contenders.

The former President is scheduled for the Daily Show tonight. Will Jon Stewart find a sly way to ask Bill Clinton about Cain and the Question?

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