Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Romney Runs, But Can He Hide?

Even before his choice of VP, GOP strategists have their Great White Hope in modified crouch, a version of the 2008 Sarah Palin strategy: keeping him under cover while furors over Bain Capital and his tax returns have Mitt Romney reeling on the defensive.

He surfaces this week only twice, in Ohio and New Hampshire, then goes into hiding before a trip to Israel, England and Poland, where he can blame Obama for worldwide economic woes while ducking questions about his own.

All this recalls what Joe Louis, the fabled Brown Bomber of the 1930s, said about one of his nimble foes while defending his title against bum-of-the-month contenders, “He can run, but he can’t hide.”

As Romney’s campaign falters and tries to run out the long clock, it becomes clear that withholding his tax returns beyond the most recent two years will cut into their man’s credibility both ways.

If he refuses to reveal more, some voters will assume the worst. If he caves in and finally agrees, the opposition will be able to pick apart his doublespeak about blind trusts.

Back when Joe Louis was being patronized as “a credit to his race,” some admirers were insisting that it was more about the human race.

Will it be again this year?

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Yellow Dog Don said...

The GOP better have somebody in the wings to run for President.
Bishop Willard is about ready to fall on his sword. When we see his travel expense deductions for Bain business three years after he retroactively retired, he won't have any options left.