Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Newt Outclowns Colbert

The Muses, said S. J. Perelman, are a tough buck, and only the most shameless can make sure the bucks never stop for them.

Take Newt Gingrich...please. Disgraced, defeated and dismally wrong on Election Night, he nonetheless pops up on the Colbert Report last night to flog a ghost-written tome about George Washington and trade bon mots with the host.

Among Gingrich’s gems is a denunciation of super PACs as “very destructive,” even though money from his Las Vegas buddy Sheldon Adelson won the South Carolina primary for him.

Colbert himself has Super PACs on his mind as he shuts down his own while trying to hide and keep the leftover money by shifting attention to “Ham Rove,” a canned delicacy with eyeglasses.

“During this time of mourning,” Colbert reports to the IRS, “we ask that you respect our privacy, and more importantly, the privacy of our money. It wishes to stay out of the public eye, so please don’t go trying to find it. Rest assured, you won’t. We have a really good lawyer.”

The 2012 comedy is over, but the late night comic is still making a buck from it, to say nothing of Newt’s squeezing a last few from the Father of Our Country.

Just when we thought he didn't have anything left to sell.

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