Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama is Bringing Us Together

Irony of ironies, a President who yearns for consensus is finally achieving something like it in growing opposition and doubts across the political spectrum about attacking Syria.

Even as questions arise about the weapons themselves (pace this week’s episode of HBO’s “Newsroom”), the chorus of naysayers and staysayers keeps growing louder.

When voices from John Boehner and Donald Rumsfeld to Senate Democrats and Denis Kucinich are mumbling worries over a Syrian quagmire, there are strong echoes of the run-up to the Iraq invasion a decade ago. The phrase “slam dunk” is back to haunt Americans who remember.

Taking the President at his word that he has not finally decided to launch another such adventure into uncertainty, he must seriously consider such across-the-board worries.

How will we be advancing a humanitarian cause by unleashing more death and destruction? 

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(O)CT(O)PUS said...

Curious, how this Syria conflict can bring Liberals and Conservatives together on the side of non-intervention. See, things are not always as rife with partisanship as they may seem. Except for Donald Rumsfeld, that disingenuous piece of … (but why sully a good blog with a string of epithets)!