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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Caesarian Delivery for Fred Thompson?

If the unborn can have growing pains, the Washington Post suggests that the Fred Thompson campaign is suffering, citing fund-raising shortfalls, staff shakeups and, that direst of ills, message atrophy.

"The campaign's been on the vine too long," a Republican strategist is quoted as saying.

All this suggests that the “Waiting for Godot” phase of the Thompson campaign will end sooner rather than later with a formal entrance on the Presidential stage to transform the long-time character actor into a political star.

The burning question for political analysts is whether Thompson’s laid-back style will have enough appeal for the Republican base, which usually favors more fire and brimstone.

His announcement performance may be crucial. Will he evoke Cicero (“How well he speaks”) or Demosthanes (“Let us march”). For a party in search of a hero, that may be the most crucial audition of Thompson’s life.

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