Saturday, June 14, 2008

Cash-and-Carry Candidate Is Back

Rudy Giuliani, who parlayed his 9/11 TV performance into a $100 million consulting business and six-figure fees for speeches before flopping as a presidential aspirant, is now offering to "appear at fund-raisers around the country for G.O.P. candidates. But there is a catch: He wants some cash out of the deal."

Giuliani is telling the National Republican Congressional Committee and Congressional candidates that if he makes appearances, he wants the candidates to help him pay off his $3.6 million presidential campaign debt.

Giuliani, who was too busy raking in speaking fees to attend meetings of the Iraq Study Group, wants to recover the $500,000 he lent his own campaign.

Leading Republicans are not thrilled by his latest offer. “In a year when our candidates are struggling to raise money, this is just another burden,” said a party strategist. “This is not about helping the party. This is about helping Rudy Giuliani.”

But America' Mayor has endorsed John McCain and will undoubtedly make appearances for him. No word about how much he will charge.

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