Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Clinton's Clincher for Obama

As they begin their unity tour this week, Hillary Clinton has a powerful argument to win over diehard supporters who resist backing Barack Obama because he kept her from becoming the first woman in the Oval Office.

If John McCain is elected, they can kiss goodbye to Roe v Wade, which has been teetering in the Supreme Court balance since Bush started naming Justices and would surely be overturned in another Republican Administration.

As late as last year, McCain told Tim Russert on Meet the Press: "I have stated time after time after time that Roe v Wade was a bad decision...To me, it's an issue of human rights and human dignity."

So much for pro-choice and the illusions of Independents and disaffected Democrats that, on the overriding issue of women's rights, McCain is not Bush Redux.

Obama ran into flak at the Black Caucus last week for saying, "If women take a moment to realize that on every issue important to women, John McCain is not in their corner, that would help them get over it."

Hillary Clinton can help everyone involved "get over it" by reminding ardent supporters, both men and women, of what could be at stake if they fail to do so.

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Mike said...

Will anything be enough to persuade the more spiteful and bitter Clinton supporters? From what I saw on TV a while back, some seem prepared to vote against their interests just to send a message how disappointed they are. Which is a very stupid attitude.