Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Biden Could Do for Obama

As the short list dwindles down and Republican attacks heat up, the arguments for Joe Biden as Barack Obama's running mate strengthen.

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine is the flavor of the week in the media frenzy, but with less than three years in the position and no international experience, his choice would only underscore voter doubts about Obama's readiness to be president.

It is more than Biden's years in the Senate that recommend him. During the Democratic primary debates, the phrase "Joe is right" was heard so often that it became the theme of his ultimately failed campaign.

Since he entered the Senate in 1973 at the age of 30, Biden has embodied the kind of brains, character and compassion that national politics should have but rarely gets. Now, at 65, he would bring to Obama's ticket the good judgment and experience a change candidate needs to persuade wary voters that the best of the past would not be swept away in enthusiasm for the new.

Unlike Lyndon Johnson, who served that role for JFK in 1960, Biden has been no wheeler-dealer in the Senate but a champion of good causes now almost universally accepted--protection of women against domestic violence, a sane policy against drug abuse and, most of all, national security.

In 2001, he had doubts about Iraq yet eventually voted for the resolution but only, by Chuck Hagel's testimony, after working with Dick Lugar and others, in a bipartisan effort to limit the blank check the White House sought. Since then, he been in the forefront of efforts to limit US losses and end the disaster.

Perhaps most persuasive of all, Obama clearly respects Biden and would value him as a partner and, in the quest to convince the candidate's most elusive demographic--the white working class--the Delaware Senator's blue-collar, Catholic background would be a strong asset.


Anonymous said...

unfortunately, we can thank biden for the abominable bankruptcy bill.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame him too much for that. He is, after all, from Delaware.

Anonymous said...

This discussion is about Joe Biden's ability to work for the national and international welfare of all people, not your or my personal financial gain or loss. I've been watching little children blown up and that upsets me. I'm proud to be from Delaware and to have voted for Joe Biden. This issue is not about perfection of candidates, but about priorities.

Anonymous said...

Biden is from Delaware, not Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Biden is from Delaware not Maryland.

Swampcracker said...

Obama needs to take another look at HRC. Obama is not resonating or connecting with the kinds of constituencies that HRC reached during the primaries. He needs to WIN this election, not pussyfoot in a professorial manner.

Another possibility: Gen. Wes Clark who has the military experience, especially NATO experience, needed in Afghanistan. Also, Clark will help clean he neo-cons out of Washington.

Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I like Biden as V.P.. Throw in Hagel at State, Webb at Defense, and dust off Sam Nunn for National Security Advisor. That would be an awesome foreign policy team. I would even try and get Dick Lugar for the U.N.. Less for Obama to learn on the fly.