Thursday, October 25, 2012

New Clinton Shuffle?

From behind the Wall Street Journal paywall, Hillary Clinton hints she may remain as Secretary of State a little longer if the President is reelected.

Rupert Murdoch’s house organ, which regales us freely with Obama bad news, is stingy with details, but in followups, Mrs. Clinton’s spokesman concedes that “she wants to ensure continuity and realizes the confirmation of her successor might not exactly line up with Jan. 22, 2013.”

Translation: GOP attacks on her handling of the Libyan misfortunes could keep the Secretary in office until exonerated. If neanderthal Congressmen like Darrell Issa keep pounding her on it, she might extend Clinton branding of Barack Obama’s handling of foreign affairs well into his second term.

That would fall short of the proposal here that Bill Clinton replace her as a less hands-on Obama cabinet member, but it could serve as an excellent example of the wisdom of Saint Teresa of Ávila, which served as the title of Truman Capote’s unfinished last novel: "Answered prayers cause more tears than those that remain unanswered".

Not a likely source of inspiration for Tea Party religiosity, but those nuns did know a thing or two about human nature.  

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