Friday, October 11, 2013

Banana Republic Burlesque

As pre-teens a friend and I slipped into a Manhattan burlesque house with high expectations but, instead of earthly delights, we found tired old strippers sashaying around amid a succession of clowns doing pratfalls on imaginary banana skins.

Republicans must be feeling that way these days. Tea Party acts by John McCain-labeled “wackos” have degenerated into a mix of low comedy with sad consequences for the GOP. The American audience is not buying.

Chief bozo John Boehner is bombing with his too-familiar patter as customers head for the exits, asking for their country back. Almost all of Washington is sour with bipartisan disapproval. Only member of the Religious Right, still in a stupor, are in their seats applauding Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.

The Capital will have to book new attractions next year once the current crew loses its lease next November. If the consequences were not so tragic, we could just chalk it off as the end of an era of low comedy.

But these days it’s hard to be optimistic about whatever new talent will replace them. Can’t we just turn the whole place into a revival movie house showing classics like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and “It’s a Wonderful Life?”

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