Sunday, July 22, 2007

The World's Tallest Target

In the macho world of skyscrapers, size matters. The highest edifice, although unfinished, is now in Dubai, over 2275 feet, rising almost half a mile into the sky. It will outdo buildings in Taiwan and Malaysia, which previously held the record.

When finished at the end of next year, the Burj Dubai will have 160 floors, 56 elevators, luxury apartments, boutiques, swimming pools, spas, corporate suites and a 124th floor observation platform.

Giorgio Armani was involved in the design, but the actual work is being done by 4,000 Indian laborers who work around the clock in desert heat with no minimum wage.

It will be a source of great pride for Dubai, which is hardly ever mentioned without the qualifier of “oil-rich,” but in today’s terrifying world, the question arises: How long will it stand before attracting the attention of terrorists with grievances and airline boarding passes?

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