Monday, December 17, 2007

Hillary Tops Rudy on Domestic Issues

My alma mater, the Daily News, is still doing its job, keeping blue-collar New Yorkers informed about the important issues of the day.

Today we have the results of their "national poll of female voters" showing them to be more forgiving of Bill Clinton's peccadilloes than Rudy Giuliani's.

Forty percent said Judith Giuliani's affair with the then-married Mayor made her less suitable to be First Lady, while only 34 percent were not willing to forgive Hillary's husband for whatever it was that he did with Monica Lewinsky.

When asked about who they would prefer to watch their kids, 36 percent of women would choose to have Bill and Hillary Clinton baby-sit, while 21 percent would pick Rudy and Judith Giuliani. One of five wouldn't trust either couple, a blow to any hope of balancing the budget with baby-sitting gigs.

"A straying husband is bad," the News concludes. "But a home wrecker is worse."

When I was a copy boy there, they didn't go in for so much sociology.

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Anonymous said...

Strange coincidental quote..

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