Monday, December 24, 2007

None of the Above

After the longest shopping season in history, Americans are not ready to buy. The oscillating poll numbers seem to reflect not changing enthusiasms but unease over their choices in both parties.

As Clinton and Giuliani slide, Obama and Huckabee gain traction, Edwards and McCain come back from oblivion, and Mitt Romney keeps barely running in place, voters are vacillating in the face of campaigns that stress opponents' weaknesses and gaffes rather than their own visions for the future.

It's noteworthy that the front runners are being overtaken by doubts about their character and temperament and that Obama and Huckabee have both benefited by being newer faces in their fields.

As residents of Iowa and New Hampshire get ready to make their choices, the most excitement is being generated by "none of the above."

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Watch 'n Wait said...

It surely does seem that way. I've gone back and forth and forth and back continually. I'm thinking it's a matter of trust.

Certainly do enjoy your work. Visit your blog daily, so thanks for being so sensible about the world.

Happy Holidays...:)))