Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Which Hillary?

In desperation now, the Campaign That Couldn't is giving us a montage of Hillary Clintons--defiant, angry, scolding, sarcastic--in Ohio and Texas, but how will she blend those stump personas into a coherent candidate for the side-by-side setting of tonight's crucial debate?

In New Hampshire, the sensitive Hillary won over voters in the final days and, at the end of last week's sitdown, emerged again to great effect, but her advisors seem convinced that only an aggressive Hillary can overcome doubts about a woman as Commander-in-Chief.

During the 1960 campaign, John F. Kennedy said he felt sorry for Richard Nixon. "It must be hard," JFK said, "to get up every morning and have to decide who you're going to be that day."

Compared to Nixon, Hillary Clinton is a person of substance, but the Barack Obama surge has forced her into parading multiple personalities, adding confusion to the negatives she has to overcome from the Clinton years.

Claiming superior experience didn't work. Unleashing Bill Clinton didn't work. Mockery and anger don't seem to be working. Being soft and sensitive is too risky.

What's left?


Anonymous said...

It may be moot. President Bush has predicted a Republican victory in the Presidential race in a speech to the Republican governors.

"And I don't want the next Republican president to be lonely," Bush said. "And that is why we got to take the House, retake the Senate, and make sure our states are governed by Republican governors."

He may be correct, but he did not say when the next President would be Republican.

Anonymous said...

Exactly right. She's smart but uneven. I've had bosses, both men and women, who were like that and they're really hard to work for. "Well boss, is it a bright day or stormy day today?"

Liza said...

I was only partially negative toward Hillary before Iowa. I did not like her record on foreign policy, such as it is, but that was about it.

Now, I think she is despicable. There really is no other word.

She frightens me.