Friday, April 11, 2008

Bill Clinton on the Couch

Political analysis won't do to explain why the former President is sabotaging his wife's dwindling chances for the Democratic nomination. Call in the shrinks.

Yesterday's Bill Clinton super-whopper revival of Hillary's Bosnia sniper fire story on the campaign trail in Indiana can be explained only by premature political Alzheimer's or an unconscious desire to bring her down. (Eight easily fact-checkable lies in less than a minute must be a record, even for the former Slick Willie.)

When he hurt Hillary with his "rolling the dice" comments to Charlie Rose and accused Obama of telling fairy tales about his opposition to the Iraq war, Bill Clinton might have been excused on the grounds of irrational exuberance.

When he gratuitously dragged race into the campaign after his wife's South Carolina loss by comparing Obama's win to Jesse Jackson's, Clinton could have been forgiven for spousal overreaching.

But rubbing salt into the Bosnia wound to Hillary's campaign just as it was healing takes his mischief-making to a new level that can't be explained by the former President's need for attention or diminished political judgment.

It may be too late, but somebody should put Bill Clinton on the couch and help him figure out why he is undermining the woman who stood by him in his time of crisis. No good deed goes unpunished?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but what was the name of Obama's minister?

Billary sure knows how to change the topic of the conversation.

At least that is Maureen Dowd's take on it.

Anonymous said...

from swimming freestyle:

"I'm no psychologist, but I can't help but wonder if Bill Clinton doesn't have a self destructive streak. A couple weeks after his wife was eviscerated in the press for embellishing her version of a trip to Bosnia, Bill Clinton raised the issue again yesterday and again today."

Liza said...

I'm not sure this is Bill sabotaging his wife's candidacy or Bill just running his mouth without a great deal of preparation.

These candidates and their mates have given umpteen stump speeches and Bill may not be thinking through the consequences of everything he says.

Rather than report real news, the mainstream media is fixated on dissecting everything that is said in these speeches, hoping to find something to work to death until the next news cycle.

I'm totally sick of it. This is not news and no one should be voting based on Bill's buffoonery.