Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Petraeus-Crocker Autocracy

The nation's elected lawmakers of both parties spent yesterday pleading with two bureaucrats to give them some idea of when our young people will stop being killed and maimed thousands of miles from home.

Who empowered David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker to make the judgement that progress in Iraq was “fragile and reversible” and that consideration of any new withdrawals of American troops be delayed until the fall?

If George W. Bush has delegated these powers to two unelected employees of the US government, he is in dereliction of his duty as President. Why isn't he answering the questions and being held to account for over 4000 lives and billions of dollars? And why is Congress acceding to his budget demands as if they had no choice but to do exactly what he wants when he is not doing what the Constitution requires him to do?

Where is the public outrage over this charade of how government should work? Where are the protesters who should be filling the streets? Why are the Democrats who control the legislative branch deferring to this parody of how democracy should work?

While these two factotums try to barter and bribe Iraqis into some semblance of civilized governance, why are they being allowed to make a mockery of our own?


GRCOH said...

Damn fine questions. You'd better not hold your breath waiting for answers.

Larry Jones said...

Good questions. The answer is that the government has been smart and effective in creating an atmosphere of fear (atmosfear?) in the nation, and making the electorate believe that the army is the only solution. It's a perfect setup, really: Bush avoids responsibility, and the country supports it because the whole thing panders to our fear of The Other and our need to kick ass.

Or maybe the government's secret, warrantless surveillance of American citizens has yielded enough blackmail material on enough members of Congress to keep them quiet.

Jeremy Pierce said...

So I take it you'd rather the president didn't ever bother to pay heed to those he's appointed as experts over areas he's not as much an expert in?