Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Comic Relief from Cheney

One thing you have to say about our lame-duck vice president: He's been a barrel of laughs, and he got off a real knee-slapper at the National Press Club yesterday.

Asked about his kissing-cousin link to Barack Obama, Cheney humorously said they weren't planning any family reunions before November and went on to explain that, while researching the family lineage, his wife Lynne made another discovery.

"I had Cheneys on both sides of the family and we don't even live in West Virginia," the vice president joshed.

After an uproar from politicians with no sense of humor, Cheney issued an apology, but one Congressman was not offended, "We may owe the vice president a debt of gratitude," he said, "for yet another great West Virginia slogan: Dick Cheney is not from here."

On the serious side, geneticists are looking into how much political idiocy and aggressiveness can be traced to inbreeding.

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