Sunday, June 01, 2008

Mission Accomplished, Again?

Only the most churlish opponents of the war would want to minimize the low Iraq casualty figures for May or even argue over the Washington Post editorial contention today that "the US-backed government and army may be winning the war."

Any hope of bringing our troops home sooner than later is welcome but, under the circumstances, it would be just as unseemly to claim that this turn of events means John McCain has been right about the war and should be elected to the White House.

If anything, the beginning of the end in Iraq--if that's what it really is--should only deepen our sadness at the loss of more than 4000 American lives, millions of dead and displaced Iraqis, and the US' moral standing in the world.

"If the positive trends continue," the Post editorial observes, "proponents of withdrawing most US troops, such as Mr. Obama, might be able to responsibly carry out further pullouts next year. Still, the likely Democratic nominee needs a plan for Iraq based on sustaining an improving situation, rather than abandoning a failed enterprise."

Call it what they will, but let's start ending the nightmare. If it would get our men and women home safely any sooner, start making plans for President Obama to be inaugurated on an aircraft carrier in front of a banner than reads "Mission Accomplished."

In this case, words don't matter. Lives do.


Mike said...

"... words don't matter. Lives do."
Lives certainly matter more than words, but words *are* important here.
In particular, I must take issue with the word "winning." How does one "win" an illegal invasion and occupation of a country, and take any pride in that?
And would "winning" in any way justify the irruption of Iraq? If you say "Yes," then I suppose you could say the Nazi invasion of Poland would have been "right" if only the Axis side had prevailed in World War II.
Might does not make right. "Winning" does not make an invasion OK.

R. S. Abrinaud said...

Over 4,000 lives, huh? And that's just the number we're *told*. Much too high a cost for greed over oil. Shakespeare wrote, "at the length, truth will out." Every day I hold out hope that, in time, there will come a reckoning. May it be such a calling to account that the swindlers, liars, and thieves of this current administration and all their nefarious cronies will be unable to slither their way out of the come-uppance they so richly deserve.

Anonymous said...

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