Friday, September 05, 2008

Shotgun Wedding Heard Around the World

In the final image of the Republican convention, with all the McCains and Palins on the stage waving to the crowd and the cameras, the most fascinating figure was the 18-year-old stud muffin named Levi Johnston who was up there based on the accomplishment of having knocked up his high-school girlfriend.

Young Levi's bemused demeanor recalls the hero of Preston Sturges' classic World War II movie, "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek," a zany comedy about the public consequences of an unintended pregnancy that somehow ended well for all concerned.

The 21s century version has a happy ending, too. MTV, People and Us Magazine report that wedding bells will be ringing soon, but the whole world knows that.


Anonymous said...

According to the latest polls Obama has a better lead today than he did last week after the Democrat Party Convention.

Too bad the Republic Party will not have a couple of more conventions before November, Obama can use all the help they can give.

Anonymous said...

I am a Football Mom of three boys. I was raised and raised my children in a tongue talking Holy Ghost filled church just like Sarah Palin. I own my own company, I am also a college student and I have worked on local political campaigns and even held an office within my community. I am a PTA Mom and I volunteer at my children’s schools at least one day a week. I am a busy Mom. My recently turned 18 year old is now in college with “NO” Babies on the way. I think Sarah’s selfish need to further her own career and her obvious pit-bull ego (with lipstick) got in the way of her parenting her child. There was never and is never one minute that I don’t know where and what my children are doing and yes I check and they know I will so they do what they say. She obviously let this child do as she pleased because had she been doing her job as a parent this “CHILD” would not have had the time or the freedom to engage in “UNPROTECTED SEX”. It is OVERWHELMINGLY apparent that there is a need for SEX EDUCATION in her home. She needs to introduce her Daughter to CONDOMS because she certainly did not allow Christ to be first in her life for if she had she would not have committed the sin of “FORNICATION”. Perhaps she needs to take her Maverick Reform Status and change the things in her own home before the next two Girls pop out in a family way.