Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Not-Boring Republicans

Say what you will about the post-Bush decline of the GOP, its current shenanigans make Democrats look like the Partridge family. Compared to Obama's solemnity, last night's Washington fundraiser was a hoot.

After rounds of will-she, won't-she speculation, Sarah Palin turned up, not as the keynote speaker but to stroll the stage of the ballroom as the body-language answer to Newt Gingrich's hour-long flood of words.

If the faithful, who donated $14.5 million to the cause, were bored by the former Speaker's logorrhea, they had the option of slipping out to watch Palin on Fox News, telling Sean Hannity how right she was about branding Obama as a wealth spreader.

With her usual eloquence, the might-have-been vice president summed it up, "Kind of a 'We told ya so.'"

In the Washington Post, Dana Milbank reports that in the ballroom, "The master of ceremonies, actor Jon Voight, tried to fire up the minority party with the standard bromides directed at the majority: 'We are becoming a weak nation...Free the nation from this Obama oppression...Bring an end to this false prophet Obama.' The applause was polite but didn't entirely replace the sound of cutlery on china."

Voight may be an apt spokesperson. As a celebrity, he rates a "Is he still alive?" response, and his own daughter, Angelina Jolie, who works for humanitarian change in the world, hasn't been willing to listen to a word he says for years.

Just like the Republican Party and the rest of America.

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