Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Senate Body Snatchers

Judd Gregg, who agreed to become Obama's Commerce Secretary until someone reminded him he was a Republican, set off a round of name-dropping in the Senate debate on health care today.

“This is a greased slide to single-payer," he said of the Democrats' proposal. "It’s not about the issue of care. It’s not about the issue of coverage. It’s more about the issue of control...What it is about really is centralizing control right here amongst folks who think they really know how to run something from a central system.”

Gregg, who has had trouble running his own career, was admonished by Sen. Barbara Mikulski: "Well...This bill has just been accused of being somehow or another a combination between Rube Goldberg and Karl Marx. However, our current system is a combination of Adam Smith, Darth Vader and the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. So I like our plan the better."

Chris Dodd joined in, asking "“Do I look like a body snatcher?” and, looking over at Gregg, said, “Don’t answer that question, Judd.”

Hilarity aside, the next time Obama wants a Republican cadaver for his Cabinet, the diggers should check for brain damage first.

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