Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Notes From a Shipwreck Year

Reading bloggers' own favorite posts of 2011 is a reminder of how much political and social sanity has been lost in this Tea Party world. Satire and rage abound.

Yet it’s cathartic to read these notes in a bottle from survivors and realize we are not alone in this shipwrecked world.

Such comfort is provided by keeping alive a tradition started by the late Al Weigel, who wrote brilliantly under the nom de plume of Jon Swift and was tireless in promoting the work of others, an effort now being maintained by Batocchio at the Vagabond Scholar.

There you can find what bloggers consider their year’s best posts, a fascinating mosaic of commentary on what we have been living through. GOP presidential candidates to the contrary, the human mind is still alive and well in America.

With a sense of inevitability, I chose a political post but was tempted by others on a range of subjects—-aftermath of Tuscon, the fragility of human life in the face of Nature, and a memoir of two friends, authentic public figures a world apart.

This comes with my best wishes to all for a saner 2012 and special thanks to Joe Gandelman, who allows me to be part of his civil community on The Moderate Voice, a tireless band of resisters to online vitriol and viciousness.

Happy New Year and good reading!

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Unknown said...

Often I imagine what Jon Swift might have written about this country in the last two years. But I don't have his wit, knowledge, or insight. His loss feels bigger and makes us smaller all the time.