Friday, December 23, 2011

Tea Party Goes to the Dogs

Talk about misreading a mandate: The bitter enders give the President the best Christmas present of all—-pushing their block-and-blame strategy off a political cliff to make Barack Obama, previous evidence to the contrary, look like Harry Truman against “a do-nothing, good-for-nothing Congress.”

It wasn’t easy to get the President off his perch as “compromiser in chief,” requiring most of the Senate GOP, Karl Rove and the Murdoch media to stop Boehner’s gang from acting like a circular firing squad.

Even dour Eric Cantor is reduced to leaden levity: “I saw the president out yesterday doing his Christmas shopping. I saw he brought his dog with him. We’re here. He could bring his dog up here. We are pet friendly. It will not take a long time. We could probably resolve the differences within an hour.”

No sale. Nothing could stop this one from ending with the Tea Party going to the dogs. Happy New Year, guys, keep on woofing!

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