Sunday, August 05, 2012

Marilyn Monroe Memorial Weekend

She died 50 years ago today, but Marilyn Monroe is all over TV this weekend. Turner Classic Movies ended a 24-hour marathon of her movies this morning, and tonight PBS will revive a documentary about her with “ashen-faced talking heads” (including my own).

Everything meaningful, and so much more, has been said about her long ago but, for those too young to know all that and for those who can’t get enough of her, here is the full story of the weekend my friend Ed Feingersh and I spent with her in March 1955.


GRCOH said...

Your writing brings the story to life.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Wonderful article, Mr. Stein (at the link, of course). Have you written your memoirs? I'd very much love to read them. Yes, you write beautiful pieces in your blog, truly beautiful both in language and content, about your meaningful experiences with everyone from stars to presidents, but a one-stop memoir would be brilliant!

Jeff said...

So, do you think she was murdered? If so, by whom? The Kennedys? The Mob? The maid?