Tuesday, August 21, 2012

GOP Plays the Trump Card

Now that conventions are TV miniseries with no suspense, politicians desperately need big-name cameos for ratings. On opening night Republicans reach for the master of hype,  the Donald himself.

Trump promises to be “really amazing,” but may, as usual, just grab attention and embarrass his hosts. Ann Romney is the featured speaker of the evening, but can she compete with shameless Trumpery?

The only suspense is over what direction Trump’s self-promotion will take. Suggestions that he may parody Celebrity Apprentice and fire Obama don’t do the man justice--much too tame and predictable.

As a public service for bored TV watchers, herewith a suggested stunt that would be more in character. To match his unending zeal over Presidential birth history, Trump could reveal results of tracking down Mitt Romney’s death certificate and proving that, counter to rumors, the GOP nominee is alive and well rather than a robotic Manchurian candidate.

That service to Romney would more than offset worry warts like ex-W speechwriter Michael Gerson that “Trump’s appearance at the Republican convention represents a disturbing tolerance for disturbing ideas...

“What does it say about the modern GOP that the leading advocate of the theory that Obama is Kenyan is on the convention schedule, while the leading advocate of, say, mainstream climate science would risk being booed off the stage?”

Climate science? Are we talking about 2012 Republicans?

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