Monday, December 31, 2012

Hillary Clinton's Hospitalization

Only in the ugliness of today’s Washington could a life-threatening medical emergency be seen in terms of a career move.

Hillary Clinton’s hospitalization yesterday for a blood clot after a fainting fall and concussion earlier in the month inspires widespread sympathy and hope but also underscores the political sniping about her physical state in the aftermath of the Benghazi attack and the ongoing John McCain-Lindsey Graham political circus over it.

When one of the nation’s most admired figures collapsed after effective and exhausting service as Secretary State, the nasty buzz began about it as a ploy to evade responsibility for a single event late in her four-year tenure.

For less twisted onlookers, the gravity of Mrs. Clinton’s condition was clear when she failed to appear with the President ten days ago when he announced the nomination of John Kerry to succeed her, but in the bizarre, bitter world of GOP survivors of last month’s election, simple decency goes by the boards.

While most observers hope for her quick recovery and a restorative period of rest and hibernation for Hillary Clinton, unhappy new year wishes to those who can only see her health in terms of the 2016 elections.

Update: Beyond the politicizing, however, the medical reporting on Mrs. Clinton’s clot has a troubling evasive aspect, leaving unanswered questions about the possible connection between the concussion and the clot. In coming days and weeks, the prognosis for her long-term health will have to become much clearer. 

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