Sunday, December 23, 2012

Peace on Earth, Good Will to Guns

On Sunday talk shows, three major networks give equal time to unhinged advocates of the gun death lobby and their distraught opponents.

Fairness may be satisfied, but sanity is gone. 

In the face of total irrationality, anchors are reduced to helpless Yes-butting as two highly paid honchos of the NRA and ever-reliable Grover Norquist speak in tongues about armed-to-the-teeth schools while fellow travelers in lunacy like Lindsey Graham and Peggy Noonan torture the English language to abet them.

Those who remember that “Thou shalt not kill” is a Commandment are dazed and despairing.

Nothing left to do before carolers arrive to sing “Silent Night” but gift-wrap the cartridges and stuff the stockings with them.

1 comment:

Gary Tomei said...

Is this the left wing media that we keep hearing so much about?
These interviewers that keep allowing the sicko gun nuts and Tea Party looneys to keep spewing their shit, thus giving them the imprimatur of legitimacy are a disgrace to "journalism".
They fail to strongly challenge the lies, distortions and illusions of the unbalanced ideologues of the right wing.
Thank you for your astute observations on the matter. I'm sick over the fact that the right wing fanatics have so much power in this country.
Keep up the good work. Let's hope your voice will be heard: loud and clear.
Big GT