Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Rise of Joe Biden

Sarah Palin is getting headlines, but after-polling shows the quieter Democrat winning over independents and Republicans in last week's VP debate.

The Pew Research Center reports: "Biden’s favorability rating among registered voters re-contacted over the weekend climbed from 54 percent to 63 percent, and the percentage believing he is qualified to serve as president jumped to 77 percent from 69 percent a week earlier...

"Among Republicans interviewed both before and after the debates, 14 percent changed their view of Biden from unfavorable to favorable, as did 12 percent of independents. By comparison, Biden had little room to gain among Democrats, 81 percent of whom already viewed him favorably before the debates."

Meanwhile the Palin phenomenon seems to have leveled off as "voters who had been first polled a week ago found that most (55 percent) continue to have a favorable view of Palin, but most (52 percent) also still believe that she is not qualified to serve as president, if it becomes necessary."

These figures, registered before Palin started her "palling around with terrorists" attacks, may not stand up as CNN analyst Bill Schneider makes a prediction about tonight's McCain-Obama encounter:

"If either of the candidates tries to go negative when you're with an audience of ordinary voters, they don't like it. We've heard them sometimes get very upset when the candidates start attacking each other, so that's going to be hard to do in a town hall format."

Despite the cheering partisan crowds, Palin will have to put a lot more lipstick on her pit-bull act to overcome that kind of voter disgust.


Unknown said...

Thank goodness McCain and Palin are finally taking off the gloves. Like millions of Americans I've awaited the truth, while feeling frustration watching Obama get a free ride. Subjects like Wright, Farrakhan, Pfleger, Rezko, Ayers, and others, seem to have been off limits for discussion, when they go to the core of who Obama is. In defense of Obama, the media treats him like a sacred cow, and implies that since these subjects were visited at one time, they're not fair game to revisit ... but, why not? Like millions of Americans I've never been comfortable with Obama attending Jeremiah Wright's church for TWENTY YEARS ... suddenly quitting for political expediency, and then claiming that he never heard the racist, anti-American sermons going on there. Also, the Trintity church website has since sanitized it's previous links on the 'Black Values System' ... and, the 'Black Liberation Theology' which Obama sworn an oath to for TWENTY YEARS.

Anonymous said...


If that is all you can bring up- it's rather sad---

These are not pocket book issues-

Unlike McCain- whose skeletons involves pocket book issues that effects tax payers.

You need to do more research on Trinity Church- which belongs to a White Dominance- so to suggest the chuch is racist (as if you been there) is absurd-

thinking like yours is what got Bush elected Twice---

Anonymous said...

We can also go to the core of who McCain is: http://www.rollingstone.com/news/story/23316912/makebelieve_maverick/print

I'd rather have the guy with a questionable pastor (I'd prefer someone who didn't follow religion at all except for a basis of values - 10 commandments)than the guy with a questionable character and a wild streak.

The reason that Palin making the accusations she has is because they were gone over very thoroughly during the democratic primary and more to the point, the article which Palin pointed to as proof that Obama was 'palling around' actually stated itself how ridiculous the accusations that are being made about Obama actually are. Oh yeah, she doesn't read literature, so she wouldn't realize that the assertions she was making were completely fabricated. She is banking on the idea that Americans don't read, are as insulated as she apparently is, and that Americans are frightened easily in the post 9/11 world.
Don't worry though; through diplomacy and a willingness to talk, the world will be safer for Americans post-election of Obama.

Anonymous said...

'...accusations she has 'made are absurd' is because...'

Anonymous said...

Obama chose VP seriously. Biden is well qualified to serve as the Prisident of United States in case of emergency. In contrast, what is the reason behind McCain chose Palin? Is Joe-six-pack the only ticket Republic can come out with?

Mike said...

I wonder if Howard knows about McSame's past membership in the racist, death-squad-supporting Council for World Freedom. There's an AP article about it today. Look it up, Howard.